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Fort Worth Hemp & Cannabis Collective
Education & Business Advocacy for Hemp and Cannabis Cultivation
The Fort Worth Hemp and Cannabis Business Collaborative is a group of local growers, processors, retailers and business professionals supporting the industrial hemp industry in Texas. Together we will advocate for fair and equitable licensing processes, support education efforts, and provide community for area participants.
Industrial Hemp
With the passage of the US Federal Farm Bill, industrial hemp will soon be grown in Texas. Find out how you can participate.
The Future of Cannabis in Texas
Texas reforms long seemed part of a distant future. Find out why the future is looking brighter for cannabis laws and business in the Lone Star State. 
Farming, Processing & Retail
Fort Worth has largely been left out of participation in CBD licensing. Find out how we're creating a community of farmers and business leaders to ensure participation.
Become an Inaugural Member
Contact Michael Mayes @ 817-319-8506 or email info@cannabiztx.com