Cannabis comes to Texas

In 2017 the cannabis industry came to Texas by way of the
Compassionate Use Act and the first dispensing organizations for CBD patients. We look beyond the leaf to products and services that meet the needs of the marijuana industry, right here in the Lone Star State. 
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Why Texans Should Participate

We're evangelists in the cannabis and hemp revolutions. But whether you're an advocate for adult use, a cautious voice for research, or a parent concerned about legalization--there is no doubting that the cannabis industry is viable and here to stay. Texas' first dispensaries will open doors in 2018.

Look Beyond the Leaf

We connect Texas businesses with cannabis-related products and services. Many of our clients have traditional products and services that support cannabis companies without ever handling marijuana.

Texas CBD

Three companies are licensed in Texas as of 2017.


Discussion of alternative ways to participate.

Intellectual Property

Brands & Strains


Cash and product distribution and protection.

The Boarder

Across counties, states and countries.

Cultivation in the Cracks

Find out what kinds of products and services cannabis companies are looking for.